How To Add Scroll Depth Tracking Google Analytics In WordPress Using Monster Insights Plugin (8)

With its tracking tools and metrics, wordpress slow it will be easy for you to target your audience and get conversions. If you happen to have read our previous article on how to clean up a code injection attack, the steps mentioned in that article might allow you to clean up any injections that have taken place to get your site back online.

On the other hand, you can always migrate your site manually if you don’t mind following a few steps. In this article we’ll discuss the steps you’d want to take regarding how to re-Install WordPress after a hack, to get your site back up and running quickly. In most cases when a WordPress site is hacked, it is because you are not running the latest secure version of WordPress, or one of the plugins that you have installed is outdated and has been used by a hacker to exploit the site. In this case, that means moving to a web host that already implements the latest version of the language with its plans (which we do).

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  • Login to your cPanel dashboard
  • Add your google id to the index.php and sidebar.php files
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  • Create a Bing Account and login to Webmaster Tools
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1. First you’ll want to download the latest version of WordPress to your local computer. Restore the backup of your site to your local environment using UpdraftPlus. 1. Set up a local WordPress site using MAMP and PHP 7, which is set as the default option for any sites you create with the service. 2. Extract the files in the .zip archive you downloaded to a local folder. In the latest versions of Genesis, all you need to do is edit your desired category or term and scroll down until you see the Category Archive Settings.

WordPress supports automatic creation of archive pages. 1. Check your WordPress site for compatibility errors. With their Quick Start Wizard, setting up a WordPress site takes no time at all. As for themes, Themeforest offers some of the best premium options around, and a quick Google search can help you find great alternatives for specific niches.