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Florida Organic Produce Buying Club – September, 03-07, 2012

Florida Organic Produce Buying Club Food Share:       

                          Melon Collective Farm Woman

Collective Farm Woman Melon is a Fantastic Ukrainian melon. Originally brought to the southern Prairies by Ukrainian settlers and improved by the Morden Research Station and Minnesota Horticulture Department. It was then introduced commercially in the 1950s. This old Ukrainian variety is not only nice and early, but has sweet, crunchy orange flesh. Each vine produced several melons just the right size for two (hungry) people to eat.  Most unusually, it keeps for several weeks after picking.

 Produce List for the week of September, 03-07 2012:

* Squash Butternut
* Garlic
* Carrots 
* Greens-Kale Green
* Mushrooms Cremini
* Potato Red
* Tofu Extra-firm
* Tomatoes Orange on vine
* Avocado Hass
* Zucchini squash
* Raspberries
* Pear Srarkrimson
* Peach White
* Lime
* Melon Collective Farm Woman
* Bananas

                                   Zucchini Squash


 Zucchini is a type of summer squash. Its skin is thin and its flesh can be a cream or white color. The seeds, flesh, flowers and skin are edible. The fruit grows very quickly, which makes for a bountiful harvest. Zucchini come in a wide variety of colors that range from dark green to golden yellow.

Creamy Zucchini Soup

-1 zucchini, chopped (about 1 generous cup)
-1 cup greens (spinach, kale, chard, etc.)
-1 tablespoon lemon juice
-1 teaspoon white miso (not necessary, but I enjoy the flavor it lends to raw soups and blended salads)
-1/4 teaspoon salt
-1/2 avocado, chopped
-2-4 tablespoon fresh dill (depending on your taste)
-1 cup water
-1 tablespoon oil
Blend all ingredients on high in a blender until smooth; drizzle in oil slowly.
Serve with sprigs of dill for garnish!

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