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My Organic Food Club
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 My Organic Food Club

Get ready for the best organic food you’ve ever tried!

We have more organic fruit and a better selection of fresh organic vegetables than you’ve ever seen! C’mon & Eat Organic, Florida!

We’re ready to showcase more variety and the freshest quality organic fruits & vegetables than any local farm in the south Florida area.

We invite you to become a member of our growing group of Organic Food Enthusiasts, your local Fruit & Vegetables Co-op, or CSA. We know how  difficult  and expensive  it is to feed your family foods free of pesticides, radiation, & GMO, etc.

Our job is to supply you with 100% USDA certified organic produce for half the price you’d pay at the supermarket. Our Nutritionists will manage your  dietary needs and  perfectly balance your  meals with a variety of fresh, seasonal, & local produce.

 organic food club


Start Shopping with us to receive :

*Regular deliveries year round of fresh & healthy ORGANIC fruits  & vegetables.
*Useful cooking suggestions & tasty recipes.
*An abundant  and diverse list of produce to try with every delivery.
*Meal planning tips for Healthy Eating !



Please call, e-mail, or join online… It’s Easy!

  • Complete Member Signup Form
  • Choose the Weekly or Biweekly option
  • Large Custom Share ($60.00)
  • Choose Delivery or Pick up, & you’re in!

We know how hard it is to keep your family healthy.  That’s why we started the organic food club.  We have sourced the finest local farm fresh organic produce and created the perfect balance of fruits and vegetables, local and seasonal whenever possible. Our friends have all joined us and so should you.

There is no longer a choice, it’s organic food or poison!

Wow…that’s a scary statement…but true!

You see, there are many good reasons to go organic.  But the best reason of all is the fact that the government has allowed corporate interests and the tax revenue associated with big business to overwhelm their protective thought processes.  So, in turn, they’ve allowed food suppliers to poison and genetically modify the conventional food we eat…simply to “feed the masses” and generate tax dollars.

There are hundreds of big food companies spraying poison on the outside of their crops and implanting poisons genetically within the conventional foods before they are even grown.  That’s right!  The seeds are genetically modified to produce pesticides and fungicides and more! So much so, that nothing is safe.  Again, NO CONVENTIONAL FOOD IS SAFE!

about organic food club

But then there’s organic food…  Ah, a safe haven!

Here’s our list of the top 5 reasons why you should only eat ORGANIC FOOD:

  1. NEVER GENETICALLY ALTERED – This is the biigest reason of all.  In fact,

So, while the majority of the country straps on the feedbag and slurps down the conventional food like cattle lined up at the trough, those that know better forage for the goodies they know are safe.  In fact, there is a movement in Washington for politicians to protect the precious organic food supply – for themselves!

We are blessed to live in Florida where there is still clean air and water to grow organic crops.  Take advantage of the good food while you can…



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Customer Testimonials:

“My Organic Food Club Was Just What I wanted!

First of all, a little background about me and my family, we reside in Florida and consider ourselves to be health conscious. We want our children to grow up eating healthy and being active. With my busy schedule and a growing family I strive to bring home fresh purely organic food from the grocery store. But as the economy took a turn for the worse it got harder and harder to buy all organic foods. So I set out to find a company I could trust to deliver the greatest amount of all organic food for the lowest price. I joined several organic food clubs but none of them can compare to My Organic Food Club.

I signed up for My Organic because I liked the idea of fresh food being delivered to my home. I wanted to save both time and money by using this system. All I had to do was sign up, decide on a weekly or biweekly option, and opt for delivery! It was that simple. The service was fast and their products are really as good as they say. I was impressed with the quality and the nutrition their produce had.

If you are in Florida and you want to feed yourself and your family on the best produce available then you should absolutely check out My Organic Food Club. It’s easy, fast, and reasonably priced. You can’t go wrong and I know you will be happy you decided to use this fantastic service. I know I was!”

 Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer Testimonial Videos

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